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Everything you need to learn how to deliver projects and change in today’s digital world  – under one roof!

Delivering change through projects is a key set of skills required for success in today’s digital world. We need highly skilled leaders who can operate in an agile way and deliver at pace.
ChangePro is an online learning platform where your leaders can learn in their own time how to deliver change and projects in the most effective and efficient way.
Designed for today’s world, the programme quickly gets to the heart of what leaders need to actually do. We use everyday language and the videos and tools get you up to speed really quickly. Suitable for new leaders who haven’t delivered projects before, people without project manager in their title and for seasoned professional project managers.
We have simplified projects and change and teach you how to deliver quickly without all the jargon and over controlled way many people are taught. We believe in simplicity and speed.
We’ve put this page together to give you an insight of the content, layout and style of what you’ll be getting and share our tried, tested and proven approach.
Go explore and keep the tools as our gift…


1. Here’s a video explaining all the elements once you log into your dashboard: 

2. Here’s an example of a bite size video from the 12 video module training programme:

This one is about the importance of resilience and how to become more resilient as a project leader in today’s world. You’ll love the practical and straight forward language and pragmatic tools you can use straight away.

 Download the tool by clicking on the image

3. Here’s an example tool from the Vault:

This one is about a really important skill for a Project Leader, how to set up your project team for success. Again we hope you love the value and straight forward approach to sharing really powerful tools we are taking.

Download the overview by clicking on the image

 4. Here’s an overview of the complete ChangePro Framework and Pro Tips all on one page: 

5. And here’s an overview of the ChangePro benefits:

  • Developed by practitioners, not academics so it is easy to learn and apply
  • Tried, tested and proven methodology
  • The very latest ideas and new approaches for today’s digital world
  • Builds on rather than replaces existing approaches such as Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, PRINCE2 and Waterfall
  • Builds on rather than replaces existing change methodologies such as ADKAR, AIM and Kotter’s Framework
  • ChangePro Framework Guide with 6 overview videos and step by step guides for each stage amking it easy to follow and apply to your project
  • 12 Bite Size Videos to learn about the process and people side of leading projects and change
  • ChangePro Vault with over 40 tools, guides and templates to make it easy for you and to help with your thinking and project execution which is constantly being updated
  • Private User Group to learn with and from fellow practitioners – great for networking too!
  • Email and telephone support from our team and Graham Wilson
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Various Purchase Options
  • Purchase for life – no license
  • Option to train to become a Certified ChangePro Trainer and Partner

6. Now go and explore which option is best for you

Now you’ve seen how much value you’re getting, go and explore which option is best for you by clicking on the link:  BEST OPTION FOR ME

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